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Attach a dynamic named excel file in Email tool

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I have a workflow in which I have an excel file which is named according to the latest date and stored. I would like to attach this excel file as an attachment and send to recipients using the email tool.


A snapshot of the workflow





So, basis the date today the file will be named '2017_08_04.xlsx', and the name will change when I run the workflow tomorrow (2017_08_05.xlsx).


Is there a way by which I can send out the latest files everyday as attachments when the workflow is run?




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Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 14.10.38.pngWhat you are interested in is the Events Tab - in the workflow configurations. You can set an Event to sent an e-mail when the workflow has finished running. The attachment would then be your latest file.

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17 - Castor

Hey @abhinabaroy09


You definately can do this, and in fact we have several flows which do this every day:

- Add another formula to your formula tool called "Filename" which gives the full filename that you want your excel sheet to use (folder and filename and everything)

- on the output tool, make sure you change the "Change entire Filepath"

- on the e-mail tool - you can specify an attachment, using a field value


Then you should be good to go.






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Hi Magnetar 



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20 - Arcturus

[B] is a variable in the data.

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I just tried to implement this solution in a workflow and I'm getting an error at the Email tile: "Error Opening file: X:\file1\file2\file3\filename.xlsx|||Sheet1: The system cannot find the file specified.


Is the workflow getting hung up on the Sheet1 specification? How can I get around this?

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@SeanAdams Is it possible to do this with two separate files?  I have one report generating from the render tool which I was able to save to a network drive and attach with the date.  Additionally, I  have an excel spreadsheet that I would like to add the date to and then I want to attach that file to the same email.  I tried following the same steps with my excel spreadsheet (creating another formula called "Filename2"), but "Filename2" is not an option under "File name from field value" in the email configuration and I am only able to call the original "Filename" which attatches my render report twice.


Is it possible to attach one file from the render tool and then one excel file using the output tool using the same logic? Thank you in advance!

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17 - Castor

As far as I'm aware - yes - the e-mail tool allows multiple attachments from inbound field names.


Give it a try, and if you get stuck then it's worth logging a new discussion on the community here:


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Being able to do this would be a huge help. I've tried setting this up where I need to pull in a report that is specific to a particular vendor, and am referencing the vendor at the end of the file name. The file is located on a shared drive, and I have selected "All UNC" from the Workflow Dependencies. However, I'm receiving an error on the Email tool.


What would this type of error message indicate? (I've verified the file name/tab name are all correct).


Error: Email (445): Record#1: Error Opening file: \\herbal\Common Files\Projects\Data Capture Management and Quality\Tableau Repository\Inventory - Supply Chain\Expected Delivery\Reports\Expected Delivery Report - PURE.xlsx|||Report
: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.


Thanks for any ideas you have.