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Alteryx Designer: Assigning row numbers to multiple source documents

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I am processing a batch of data comprised of multiple source documents to be output to a database table that uses both the source document name and the row number as a unique constraint. What is the best way in the Alteryx Designer workflow to assign document-specific row number values?


I've had to use a manual workaround: 1) Summarize tool to define the given batch's discrete source document names, 2) Filter by source document (copy and pasting names from summarize tool), 3) Record ID tool to generate row values per each document, 4) Join the data again and write to database. 

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Have you tried the Tile tool in the Preparation tool set? I think the settings you want is to select Unique Fields as your document name field. You can play with the other selection fields. The Tile_SequenceNum would be the record ID field.


Unique tool.png

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I kept circling around the Tile tool yesterday but the necessary detail kept eluding me -- and so in order to get the data where it needed to be by EOD, I made a mess of the workflow to achieve the desired end! Now the flow's much more elegant -- and will be perfect for running more data. Thank you, Philip (also my brother's name)!