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Adobe Analytics Connector - Version 3

8 - Asteroid



I am looking for some help with the Adobe Analytics Connector.  I am running Alteryx Designer Version 2021.3.3.63061, the latest supported by my company.


I set up credentials on the site for a JWT connection, Downloaded the the private key, connected it to report on the adobe side and then started setting up the tool in Alteryx.  I seem to be getting blocked. Unable to reach API.




This is as far as I can get. 


I had a coworker test the connection using the credentials using postman and he can connect.


If I disconnect from the VPN, I get a different response of reconfigure tool and try again.


Any ideas? Who do I troubleshoot with?  Adobe?  Alteryx?  Corp Security?



8 - Asteroid

Issue resolved.


Couple issues,


The tool install was not installed with Admin rights.  Working with Aletryx support the sent me a link to replace a couple folders on my desktop.


Issue # 2 was harder to track down.  The tool would not work on the corporate network however it would work off the VPN.  On the Network was getting stuck at 18% and it would not get beyond that.  It turns out we had to add to the proxy for this to work.