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Address Fuzzy Match Issues

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I'm running fuzzy matching algorithm for address (please see the sample below) but it won't find create a match score for some obvious addresses (like it won't even find/show for king road despite they are almost identical) . Also, I would like to see the unique ID that I created, in the output? Any chances?


Also,If I create one more column with name field, can i see them in output? 

John Smith1234 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PAJohn Smith1234 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA1001001234
John Smith1235 Main Street, Pitts, PADaniel Watson1235 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA87871235



This is all the addreses where I use fuzzy match


1234 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA
1235 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA
1234 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA
1235 Main Street, Pitts, PA
1234 King Rd, Houston,TX
1235 King Rd, Houston,TX


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Fuzzy matching can be challenging. Regarding your question of the streets not matching, the first thing that comes to mind is that your key is too short to include the street name. If it's only matching numbers, the keys would not match. I've had that happen before with the opposite result, where it matched 114 Main and 114 Princeton because it was only picking up the 114 portion.


There is an option in the fuzzy match tool configuration to output the match key, so just make sure that option is selected.


Here's a really great 10 minute video by Alteryx that helped me a lot:



If you want to dive deeper, Cailin Swingle's webinars are great! Check out a previously recorded live training (look for Fuzzy Matching):

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Fuzzy matching is a process that either purges duplicate records from a data stream or merges desperate sources when a common identifier is not present. This video will review the fuzzy matching techniques and algorithms available in the Alteryx platform.
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Just to make sure you are aware of this, there is a CASS tool that will standardize US addresses to USPS standards. Granted you need to have a license for the spatial data in Alteryx, but when it comes to working with addresses, "best practice" is to have them all standardized first...this avoids any need for "fuzziness". Smiley Wink

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Update on the fuzzy matching videos:


Current videos can be found here

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More specifically, the video I was referring to is here: 

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