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Adding Date to Excel file - which having 2 sheets

8 - Asteroid

Hi Team, 

I am unable to save the the excel file having more then one sheet with the date.

Ex : I need to generate the excel output name as todayDate+file Name.
Note : My excel output consist 2 sheets.
and  i need to circulate this file using email tool.

I am able to save the file name with the date only if file having one sheet - something missing when i creates the 2 sheets.

if possible, could you please explain me the process for this solution, Thanks.




19 - Altair

@Jaganmohan Attaching a sample workflow for your reference, this workflow creates two sheets and save the files with the specific format



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Thanks for your response.

Agreed, but my two sheets having different data and different fields (No Common City Parameter in both the sheets), Thanks.

19 - Altair

@Jaganmohan in that case create separate file path variable with same output file name but different sheet names




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Thanks a lot - Accept as a solution.

5 - Atom

Thanks a lot binuacs - as your solution helped me a lot and solve my problem of putting a date on a file name that has four sheets.  I wanted hypens in the date, so I used '%Y-%m-%d'.  Unfortunately I won't share my solution because it contains sensitive company info.  I do have a minor problem - in that the first sheet of the four does not appear unless I copy it in.  And on the 'Data Preview' of the formula tool it shows nothing, unlike the other three.  But this is not a big problem, and I will try to google to resolve.