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AMP Engine | help needed

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A user is getting AMP is not checked on server, but in the designer config info it says AMP is checked by default on server.


When I checked the Alteryx system settings, I found AMP Engine option is 'unchecked'. If I check the option & restart the services, will it resolve the issue?


Current Alteryx version: 2022.1


Please assist.



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I would select the "Both Engine" option in system settings and restart the services like you mentioned. Hope this helps.


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@EN6924 To further clarify there are a couple of settings that need to be updated for an existing Server environment to be able to run AMP workflows. Without these settings you can publish AMP workflows to Server but they cannot be run. Please note that these settings are now enabled by default for new environments.

The first setting is the 'Enable AMP Engine' settings in System Settings under Controller > General. This enables AMP for the Server environment as a whole and allows AMP jobs to be queued. You also need to configure at least one worker to be able to run AMP jobs. This is done by setting the 'Engine' setting under Engine > General to either 'AMP Engine Only' or 'Both Engines'. If you set this setting to AMP Engine Only this worker will only run AMP jobs. If you set it to Both Engines it will be able to run both AMP and Original Engine jobs. If you only have one worker setting it to Both Engines is recommended and is the default value for new environments. 

Additionally you may want to consider setting Server to manage engine resources and simultaneous jobs. This will allow Server control the number of workflows running at one time, and to allocate memory and CPU resources to engine based on the hardware available. You can find these settings under Worker > General > Allow Server to manage workflows run simultaneously and Engine> General > Allow Server to manage engine resources.

For additional information on all of these settings and AMP engine in Server please see the following help resources: