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Updating email settings in Alteryx Connect

6 - Meteoroid



We recently got our email settings up and running in alteryx connect. However, it sends an email whenever someone updates anything like a description. Is there any way to update the settings so we don't get bombarded with a bunch of emails?




Hi @BigData1989 ,

notification in Connect are being sent to watchers of the asset. Watcher is automatically owner of the asset and also all contributors (whoever updated the asset will be notified upon the next asset change).


If you are loading technical metadata under certain user, that user will become watcher, thus will be notified.


What you can do is to have one technical user which you will be loading technical metadata under.

On this user and also on any other use you can switch off notification in user profile:

  • click on the User name in the top right corner and choose My Profile
  • on the profile page click EDIT
  • and switch off both "Notify on my changes" and "Notify on system changes"

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 13.03.52.png


Hope this helps.