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Search customisation methods?

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone,


Reaching out to see if anyone has been able to do any further customisation on the search results that are displayed upon performing a standard search in the search bar.


To my knowledge the only way of amending the order of the results is through changing the weightings applied to them within the administration console. The only way to filter results further is through using the advanced search.


Are there any other ways to manipulate what is displayed upon a standard search for example:


Is there a way to filter the results that can be displayed?


A method to group assets prior to being queried in the search bar so that they are displayed in a different order?


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



8 - Asteroid

@HarryM123 - there's no way that I'm aware of other than the methods you already know (i.e. advanced search or changing the weightings of asset types). That said, Virtual Folders can be pretty powerful if you're looking to guide users to assets that don't ordinarily show up in the top results and require a more complex/faceted query to get to. I find them super useful and call them my 'dynamic buckets' for the assets that I care about (e.g. workflows using the 'filter' tool that belong to Joe Blog). Not only does it save on search time but it continually updates as new assets fit the criteria.

7 - Meteor

Thanks for the response - On the virtual folders front there are already 500 loaded into my connect instance due to some automated loading performed previously so it would be quite difficult for me to cut through the noise by weighing the virtual folder assets higher in the search.


Though this is a great idea I may have to try reconfigure these assets as this seems to be the only workaround for some further search customisation.

8 - Asteroid

Curious how/why you loaded 500 virtual folders.

7 - Meteor

Sorry for the delayed response,


The Virtual folders were not loaded by me so i do not have the method they used to hand. They were uploaded to group assets into specific use cases i believe

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You described an interesting method. I faced the same problem recently. I will try to do as you suggested)


Cheers, Nadia,

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