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Delete Connect Glossary Terms and Relations (Labels / Tags) in Bulk

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I have been working to bulk-load terms into the Glossary following the online guide (, and it has been working great to add new terms to the Glossary.


In this process, I am noticing that deleting terms and relations from the Glossary.xls file does not fully remove these terms and relations from Connect. If I upload the modified Glossary.xls file and then export a new Glossary.xls file, the new file still contains the records I intended to remove. In other words, uploading Glossary.xls functions like an APPEND, not a DROP. Is there a way to delete terms and relations in bulk? In this case, I am intending for the Glossary.xls to completely overwrite the Glossary’s existing terms and relations.


My specific issue is that a previous upload of the Glossary.xls file included incorrect relations (wrong tags assigned to Glossary terms). As a workaround, I attempted to delete all the Labels from Connect, but I found that deleting the label term did not delete the Label Xid, so now the Tags appear with broken links in my Glossary. This is partially a separate issue, but links back to my main question - is there an effective way to truly DELETE records (terms or labels or relations or tags) from Connect?

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After some searching, I was able to partially resolve this issue, and I'll share my finding here for posterity. As mentioned above, my first step was to manually delete all the Labels from Connect. This left the Label xids still linked to every Glossary term. My finding was to use the "Bulk Operations" checkbox feature on the main Glossary page to select all Glossary terms and delete all tags (label relationships) from the Glossary. Having successfully removed the incorrect label tags on each Glossary term, I will now be able to re-upload a corrected Glossary.xls file to append the correct term-label relationships.


Similarly, it seems like this "Bulk Operations" option is the best way to make large-scale changes. Uploaded some incorrect Glossary terms? Use Bulk Operations to delete the whole Glossary and try the upload again with a new Glossary.xls file -- just make sure you do have that backup version of the corrected Glossary.xls before you start bulk-deleting your terms. I still wish the Glossary.xls upload worked like a DROP instead of APPEND, but this workaround is suitable for my needs.