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It's that time of the year again when we celebrate the birthday of the Alteryx Community! This year marks 7 years! In honor of our 7 year anniversary, I am going to cover some milestones and highlights our community has achieved and accomplished throughout the last year.


7th Year Community.jpgBefore I do so, I want to start off by giving a huge THANK YOU! Thank you to all the individuals who have made it possible for our community to be what it is today! A big shoutout to our amazing community team here at Alteryx, who endlessly work behind the scenes to create and maintain our thriving community for all, and of course, to you, our users! This community could not be as great of a success as it is today without YOU! Your endless posts and replies, helping others in need and supporting us has made our community what it is today, an engaging and friendly environment that surpasses any and all expectations of what we could have ever imagined.


This past year the Alteryx Community has hit some amazing milestones! We now have over 360,000 total users, with over 93,000 new members joining over the past year! Being able to witness this growth firsthand has been incredible! We have also had over 45,000 new threads posted, 500 new blogs published, 330 Gallery uploads, 120 user groups held, 34 podcasts recorded, and over 14,000 certification exams PASSED! When I saw these numbers, I was blown away by how much our community has achieved over this past year, all because of you!


We would not have been able to reach these milestones without all of your contributions! All your blogs posted, ideas submitted, user groups attended, events created, and exams passed. You truly are what makes the Alteryx Community!



And I cannot forget to mention our top contributors this past year (listed alphabetically)!


7th Year badge.png


@AkimasaKajitani | @AngelosPachis@apathetichell | @atcodedog05@binuacs | @danilang@DataNath | @Emil_Kos@IraWatt | @Jean-Balteryx@Luke_C@MarqueeCrew | @mceleavey | @Qiu | @TheOC 


Congratulations to ALL of you, and let's raise a glass to one more year!!  Share your favorite community memories in the comments below - I know you've got some great ones!