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Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

Welcome back to the Road to Inspire video series where we spotlight your life altering analytics stories!  


We made a second stop in Minnesota on our Road to Inspire, where we met with Tessa Enns (@tessaenns) and her daughter Zariah.  Tessa has been an Alteryx user for only six months and is thrilled about the possibilities the platform has opened up for her. She's also very excited to attend her first Inspire conference this June in Anaheim, CA!


Tune in to Episode Two below to find out how Alteryx and her daughter have inspired Tessa!


In case you missed it, catch up with Episode One here.



We hope that this series inspires you to solve the impossible, to seek out thrills, and to understand that the Alteryx platform is more than just a tool. Not only does it help you get your work done, but Alteryx empowers you to make life better for yourself and others. Sounds like I'm preaching, but as a former customer and now an associate, I believe that this platform can do that for everyone. 


 Tessa Collage.png


 "What my blogs are trying to do is show other mothers, who are maybe in a position I used to be in, to aspire for something great and to know that it's possible"

 - Tessa Enns  


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Dan Menke
Community Operations Manager

Dan is the Community Operations Specialist at Alteryx. From optimizing moderation processes, to exploring new engagement techniques, Dan spends his days supporting clients by cultivating great Community experiences.

Dan is the Community Operations Specialist at Alteryx. From optimizing moderation processes, to exploring new engagement techniques, Dan spends his days supporting clients by cultivating great Community experiences.


Thank you @DanM,    @TaraM@LeahK@MarqueeCrew, and others for this incredible opportunity and experience! I am in awe of the final production and honored to be featured in an Alteryx episode! Thank you for taking the time to learn about how Alteryx has altered my little corner of the world 🙂


Very cool @tessaenns!  Your story is Inspiring!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



There's something magical about Alteryx in the way that it finds the catalysts in organizations. Once you engage with it the transformation moves you to unleash @DeanS's proverbial #AnalyticBadassery. You begin to think about problems as challenges and you become an analytic icon On your team. This year at inspire the theme is #AlterNation. It is abundantly clear to me that you've been positively altered as a result of your use of Alteryx. 


When we first met, you timidly accepted Alteryx as a means to an end. With your curiosity sparked and a battle to procure the software license won, you found new ways to engage Alteryx into your everyday work life. But for you, using it wasn't enough. You then began a quest to raise your own understanding of predictive analytics through the enrollment into the Udacity nanodegree program. 


You raise your your hand and volunteer to take on challenges at work and in studies. You participate in Alteryx Community events and are part of a panel in your first Inspire conference. You already are the role model that you hope to become. 


It it was my pleasure to be a part of your journey to date. I'm glad to have been invited by @LeahK@DanM and @TaraM to be a part of this episode. 






Wow @MarqueeCrew,


What a terrific message to start my day to. I cannot thank you enough for your mentorship and for empowering me to continue learning data analytics. You have been a champion influence in my career and I know I am one of many who feels that way. Your kind words and overall belief in my abilities means a lot, you are a true Rockstar!!!



Thank you @DanL! 🙂 


@tessaenns Thank you for sharing your Alteryx journey. As a single parent, I can relate to your story and the way that Alteryx has empowered you to change your life. I am so looking forward to meeting you at the conference!


P.S. @MarqueeCrew, loved seeing you in action! The "ALTERYX" license plate is REAL?!

I *LOVE* this episode of "Road to Inspire" and @tessaenns's story!


I have already shared it with several women who I think are perfect candidates for the upskilling that Alteryx offers -- to boost or jump-start a career, or as part of a mid-career re-invention.


This story is the exact kind of story I was thinking about when I was on the first episode of the Alter.Everything podcast for International Women's day and talked about how analytics automation is opening up new opportunities for women in technology, who may not come from a technical background.


I think @tessaenns should win the Road to Inspire contest -- hands down! I hope to meet you at Inspire next week.




@ddieselthank you for sharing what we have in common! I would love to meet you at the Alteryx Inspire conference! I can message you my cell phone number to help facilitate the connection 🙂 I look forward to learning more about you next week! Thanks for watching Alteryx Episode 2! 


@HeatherHarrisI am so happy to hear that you enjoyed Episode 2! It is an incredible feeling to feel confident in working with data and speaking towards the outcomes in order to drive change in your organization. Not just changes in "how" things are being done, but changes in perceptions, as well. When women are able to lead those discussions that is a powerful concept in itself. 🙂