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Summer Camp Session - ACEventures in Spatial - Follow-Up Discussion Thread

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Hi everyone,


Thanks for attending our ADAPT session last week, where we covered some topics in spatial analytics, including:

- Alteryx's spatial roots 

- Use case: Runner’s Map

- Use case: Planning solar panel placement in Rwanda

- Other routes to spatial success, including: local data install; and APIs (Google Maps and more)


This is the official place for follow up discussion regarding our ACEventures in Spatial session. We've attached the slides and the workflow from the Runner's Map use case to this post for you to check out in Designer.


Please share any questions or comments you may have here. Otherwise, if you have any questions on spatial or Alteryx at large, tag us in on the discussion and we'll be happy to help!


@andyuttley & @CharlieS