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Questions in videos - example Summarizing data

7 - Meteor

Maybe this is due to my limited command of US English.

But if I read the statement, then the statement is incorrect. Because Summarise can handle all data types, not just the three mentioned.



Question 2: true or false?

The summarize tool can apply summary processes to Spatial, String, and Numeric datatypes.


answered False (because it can handlle all NOT just the these three)


Verdict: Incorrect. Because Summarizer can handle ALL data types.


Have come across some more like these, feels

8 - Asteroid

Rightly, the questions asks whether the summarize tool can summarize the 3 data types mentioned. 


So, the answer is True.


Had the question been, whether the summarize tool can only summarize the mentioned 3 data types then your answer would've been correct.