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Learning Path PRACTICE Exercise 3 ADAPT Programme - Totally lost

8 - Asteroid

I am trying to solve Practice Exercise 3 and I am totally lost. I don't know how to Subtotal.


Here is the question we have been asked to solve:

Combine the customer information in "Start 3.1" with the "Order Details". Ensure both the "Order Date" and "Ship Date" columns are formatted as "date" datatype.

Find the number of days to ship after the order was placed for each line item. Also calculate the subtotal for each line item (discount and shipping are flat costs, not per quantity). Finally, find the Total cost for each order, the "Total Saved" for each order, and the minimum days to ship any line item within each order.


I got as far as making a Total column with Unit Price + Shipping Cost-Discount.  After this I am lost. Could somebody help or give an idea where to go next, i.e. the Subtotal question?


Any help is welcome.  I have attached my workflow here.

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @ldean 


Great i can see you have fixed the previous issue of running the workflow🙂 If not refer your previous post.


I took look into your workflow next you would have to groubpy OrderID and sum up cost, savings and days to ship


Hope this helps 😀