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How to access Udacity Predictive analytics course

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Hi Community,


I passed my core exam on 20th Nov'20 and yesterday after mailing the team I got the key.


But I how do I access the Udacity Predictive analytics course? Do I have to create a new account on Udacity and access the resources?


Also, since I mailed the team yesterday as I didn't receive my key in Nov'20, for how long will my new License key be valid?


Kindly help! Thanks!

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Hi Tripti,


  1. You are supposed to receive an email from them, maybe you missed it? Check your spam folder
  2. If its not there, You should email program.certification@alteryx.com.  I'm sure they will be able to help you.


I unfortunately passed the core certification on 3rd Jan 2021, So I don't think I qualify for the Udacity program. 😔

From - ADAPT Program FAQ - Alteryx Community


Q: I passed my core certification! When will I get Udacity access? 

A: Every Friday through December 31, 2020, we submit all core certified users in the program to Udacity and send an email to users to enroll in Udacity's ADAPT nanodegree. Udacity will check them over the weekend/Monday and grant you the 30-day enrollment to the nanodegree through January 31, 2021. 


PLEASE NOTE: You must use the same email address when taking the core certification as when you signed up for the ADAPT program. 


In that email we distribute we will send you to a specific page on Udacity's site to acknowledge you are a member of the ADAPT program who has passed Core Certification and ask that you create a Udacity account using your program email. Udacity will process your account and grant 30 days of access to the nanodegree in 1-2 business days following account creation!

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Hi @shyamraman 


Thanks for the reply!


Unfortunately, a mix up happened and my free month mail from Udacity went to the Spam folder 😢


But nevertheless, I will utilize resources here to learn about Predictive modeling!