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Getting Started with ADAPT Question

7 - Meteor


I have installed Alteryx Designer and I have joined the community, my question is where do I find the course work?  I even started on some tutorials with Alteryx Designer.  Is there an area where the courses are listed that we should be working through.  The certification clock is ticking.....


Thank you!


8 - Asteroid

Hi @meprice


Thanks for your question.  Step 1 would be to read the Welcome post and then make your way to the Fundamentals - that will be your go-to guide to make your way through the program.


Please let us know if you have additional questions. 


We're excited to watch as you learn to solve.

7 - Meteor

Thank you so much!  I was getting somewhat lost and a bit frustrated.  I can be well on my way now.  Thanks again and Happy Friday!!!

7 - Meteor

I have finally started at Fundamentals week one. The opening sentence says "Welcome to week one!  From our intro course, you may have learned a bit about preditive analytics."  Where is the Intro Course?  I did not see it.  Or, is this something that should be skipped?