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Anyone else really struggling with the ADAPT Capstone project ?

7 - Meteor

Anyone else really struggling with the Capstone project? Tomorrow morning was supposed to be my first attempt at the Core certification but I am thinking of moving it to next week because I have been stuck with the Capstone project for two straight days now. 

7 - Meteor

I struggled with the Capstone project too but don't let that prevent you from taking the test.  You can take the test as many times as necessary with a waiting period of 7 days between testing.  It is really good experience and they (Alteryx) look at the testing as part of your learning experience.  I failed my first test miserably because of running out of time.  It really helped me to prepare for my next attempt.  It might sound funny but you will benefit from failing. It doesn't cost anything other than 2 hours of your time.  Good luck!

7 - Meteor

I agree with above comment If you've done everything up to the Capstone, try the exam.


I planned on writing the exam three times and my timeline was running out by the time I got to the capstone.

Ended up Writing the exam before I started the capstone. Somehow I ended up passing, I also ended up learning a lot during the exam. 

so even if I had failed it was going to be a learning experience. Really is a great teaching methodology.  

7 - Meteor

Thank you @MAT_A and @Maguiness for sharing your experiences. I took the test yesterday and almost made it. Taking it again next Sunday and hoping the second time will be a charm! It definitely was a great learning experience though.