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ADAPT Syllabus

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All, is there some way to download the lesson plan or Syllabus for the program? It would help to alleviate some issues with navigating the learning program and have a checklist of sorts. For example, I started to compile one for Week 1:


Day 1

30 Minutes

If you have already completed installation and licensing - you're officially a day ahead of schedule. Jump to day two!

1 Installation Instructions


2 Introduction to Help Documentation

3 Ensure Installation and Licensing is Completed


Day 2 64 Minutes

1 Watch our Getting Started Demo

2 Complete the following sections of the Getting Started Learning Path



Getting Started (1 min)

Using Designer (2 min)

Benefits of Designer (2 min)


Introduction to the Alteryx Designer (4 min)





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @cpc ,


I'm not aware of anything like that unfortunately but there maybe a file or something that could be published.


@AFG_Team , do you have a syllabus or a plan that can be downloaded or copy-pasted available for users to track their progress ?