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ADAPT Curriculum

5 - Atom

Hello Alteryx community! Probably a stupid question but I'm going through the ADAPT curriculum and each section typically has a read, watch and do portion. Some have hyperlinks, others do not. Question, where do you find the non-hyperlinked sections (see below)?




Sorting Data(5 min)

Sampling Data (5 min)


  • Sort Drill (15 min)
  • Sample Drill (20 min)
9 - Comet

Hello! Ok so this was confusing for a lot of us at first. Look at your menu icons on the left of your screen (Community Hub, Academy, Discussions, etc). 

Currently you are following your Fundamentals curriculum under the icon called Alteryx For Good->Adapt Program. Think of this section as your syllabus. 

In order to access the "drills" go to the Academy icon->Learning Paths->Getting Started Learning Path. The drills are actually labeled "Try It!" and this will open up the Alteryx program for you do do a real workflow. Hope this helps!



5 - Atom

Ahh...ok I see. Thanks for the assist really appreciate the help!