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Job Opportunity for an Alteryx Guru

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Hi all,


My company is looking for a DC area Alteryx expert to join our team.  


The details are here:



We're a contracting company that does all sorts of support for non-profits; one of our clients is looking to do a bunch (particularly systems integrations & automation) with Alteryx ASAP.  It's a lot of work over the course of a few months and then possibly some limited on-going support or training. 


At the moment we're interested in DC area experts because we've found that we have more success with projects when we are able to mix face to face client interaction with telecommuting work; you wouldn't need to come in every day by any means, but the ideal candidate could attend some meetings in person.  A lot of this work would require getting requirements and details from the client, as well as providing some limited training on how to use or troubleshoot the deliverables.


If you're at all interested, know anyone who might be, or if you have any questions, please reach out to me directly.  If you don't have an upwork account but would still like to apply, please contact me directly for that as well.


Thanks & hope to work with one of you soon!


-- Sarah (sarah@servicefirst.net)



5 - Atom

Thanks Sarah for sharing this with our group! We have a meeting next Friday (October 6th) so we will be sure to promote this opportunity to those in attendance.