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How to Submit an Add-On


How to submit an Add-On

The Alteryx Marketplace submission process is in an Early Adopter phaseWe plan to have a generally available self-service submission portal in early 2024In the meantime, we welcome your Add-On submissions while we are in the Early Adopter phase.  


How to join the Early Adopter Program

You can enter your information here or select Submit an Add-On on the Marketplace  storefront We will review your request and be in touch soon to introduce you to the programTo join the program, you must be a partner with an Add-On to list for free on the Alteryx Marketplace. 


How to prepare your Add-On

The Alteryx Marketplace helps Alteryx users discover innovative and efficient solutions from our partners.  In order to ensure findability, quality, and security, review this list of required and optional items to prepare for your Add-On Submission.  

  1. Compatibility – Ensure that your Add-On is compatible with the latest version of Alteryx Designer Desktop or Server.  
  2. Testing – Be prepared to submit a packaged workflow that will help our testers verify the quality and usability of your Add-On 
  3. Content – The Alteryx Marketplace want to make decision-making for our shoppers as smooth as possible, so be prepared to provide content about your Add-On 
    1. A one sentence summary of your Add-On 
    2. An overview description stating the value of the Add-On 
    3. A list of features for your Add-On (compatibility, Authentication, unique and helpful features 
    4. Logo image – a square image that shoppers will see in a filtered Add-On list and on the product detail page.  The logo can be your company logo or a logo specific to the Add-On.   
    5. Overview images – typically a screen shot(s) that help the shopper better understand the value of the Add-On 
    6. Video – videos are optional, and a great way to really show shopper the impact you Add-On can have for them 
  4. Support – All Add-Ons on the Marketplace are supported by their creators.  Come prepared with a URL, email, or phone number for support and a statement on how a shopper can expect to be supported.  
  5. Documentation – Have a link or a pdf with installation information.  This will not only help our testers verify your Add-On, it will also help your users see value from your Add-On sooner. 
  6. Version Information – Create your latest version release notes with items like features added, compatibility, requirements (like AMP Engine required), and bugs fixed.   


What to expect after you submit

The Alteryx Marketplace Product team will reach out to you to verify your eligibility as a partner with an Add-On.  Once eligibility is verified, you will be able to join the program and use the Alteryx Pilot Portal to submit your Add-On.   


Once you submit your Add-On, we will run it through our security and quality tests.  If your Add-On passes tests, we will set a time to review your Add-On listing and schedule a publish date.  If your Add-On verification does not pass or if we need additional verification, we will reach out to you with additional information to help you get your Add-On to a passing state.  Once your Add-On is live, we will give you access to manage your listing and track downloads of your Add-On. 



Future of Add-On Submission

In early 2024, we will release our self-service submission portal where you can upload your Add-On, enter content, and submit it for reviewThe portal will also have order reporting and statics to help you support your customers.