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Past Analytics Excellence Awards

Excellence Awards 2017: Manju Devadas - Best Value Driven with Alteryx

Author: Manju Devadas (@manju_devadas) - CEO

Team Members: Vijay Bondale, Salil Amonkar

Business Partner: Pluto7

Client: Cisco


Awards Category: Best Value Driven with Alteryx


  • Cisco Virtual Sales organization is responsible for nearly $5 Billion plus in revenue. One of the key challenges they faced was figuring out which bookings to associate with opportunities. There was a lack of mapping data, which would have helped achieve this visibility directly.
  • With Alteryx we did data science work and built fuzzy logic to match data based on geography, customer hierarchy and other factors.
  • The visibility provided was humanly difficult to achieve otherwise.


Describe the problem you needed to solve

Bookings to opportunity matching was missing hence the sales leadership had a tough time attributing the sales efforts to the results. 


Describe the working solution

SAP Hana, Excel. Department has Alteryx Server. Workflows with data science logic for bookings to sales pipeline matching for business insights. We exported the data to Tableau. The goal here is to drive higher sales effectiveness.


Describe the benefits you have achieved

a. Sales leadership can now drive higher productivity and results from their sales work force.
b. Potentially increase the revenue for Cisco Virtual Sales.

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Community Manager
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