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Q2 OC Meeting Recap

8 - Asteroid

Hi everyone, 


Thanks to everybody who was able to make it out for our meeting last week! 


  • We had a lot of fun with the Kahoot quiz Zach and Nicole put together, who must have assumed we were all experts based on the questions they added. 
  • Ryan Peeler from Voxx Analytics gave a great talk on his experience with data analysis throughout the years and how Alteryx has fast tracked what he and his team can do with various data sources. 
  • Brandon Bak from Alteryx walked us through the Designer 2019.2 updates, from UI design changes, the guided modeling upgrade, server modifications, and many others! 


The full presentation is attached to this post, including information about the Alternation Podcast and other cool resources available for you to check out. 


We had a few people mention in our RSVP notes for the Q2 meeting that they would be interested in speaking at a meeting in the future. If you were one of those folk, keep an eye out for one of us in your email, we'll be reaching out to start planning the next meeting after this holiday weekend.  


If you have any feedback for what you would like to see or do in these meetings, please reach out either through the community or email to myself, Nicole, and Zach (our emails are in the presentation). We want our community to be helpful to everyone at all experience levels. 


Many thanks to Alteryx for providing us a space to meet and tasty foods to eat!