Launch Pad: Onboarding + Training 

Get started with Alteryx onboarding with training videos, guides, and resources for optimal setup. 

Auto Insights Onboarding 4: Your Analytic Guidebook for Creators

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Lesson Objective: As a Creator, uploading the data is only halfway there of standing up your use case.  This module will walk you through how to engage with the different pages and functionality within Auto Insights. You will understand how to drill down in your datasets to find new insights, build out a personalized Mission and share it across your Viewer counterparts and the broader organization. 


Lesson Description:  

  • Navigation throughout the product and the functionality within each page 
  • Utilize the query bar to find deep dive answers within your data  
  • Leverage Missions to create curated templates that highlight the key business answers you need to know  
  • Sharing and collaboration across your company through Missions  
  • Key resources to continue your Auto Insights journey