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Who is attending Inspire 2023?

17 - Castor

This is my first Inspire (and first data conference in general), so super excited to be attending!


Wondering who else is going? Would be brilliant to meet as many people as possible from the community!

12 - Quasar

I will be there.  My third one.  Nashville (2019) and Denver (2022) being my previous ones.  Excited to get there.  Sunday can't come soon enough.


FYI you can see many attendees (not sure it is all though) listed in the Inspire App.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

That will be my third one, and I am super excited! @DataNath, this is a great opportunity to hang out at the Community booth in the Alter.Nation. Looking forward to meeting you all there next week. 😀

Flávia Brancato
7 - Meteor

Just like Dan, this will be my 3rd. it will be the 1st where Dan and i will be working for different companies though! So far Nashville and Denver were great, hope Vegas is as well!

17 - Castor

@DataNath I'll be there! I know we've collaborated on a few things via email so I'll be sure to track you down. 

11 - Bolide

I'll be there too! ✈️