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Looking to Connect - Commission/Incentive Compensation

7 - Meteor

Hi Everyone!


I met lots of people at Inspire last year with amazing use cases, but I have not found anyone that uses Alteryx for commissions/incentive compensation.


Let me know how you run your calculations, eligibility, payouts, and everything!  I want to know pitfalls and successes!

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

@jeniferpeden ,


Have you read these use cases?


Alteryx-Use-Cases: Calculating-Private-Financial-Budget-for-the-Next-Month

Alteryx-Use-Cases: Saving-Over-75-Hours-Day-with-Automated-Forecasting





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7 - Meteor

@MarqueeCrew  - those were good reads, but not quite what my use case involves.  I'll continue reading, researching and trying to build.


Thanks for the suggestions!

8 - Asteroid

This was our use case to bring Alteryx to the enterprise. 2 weeks every quarter - multi level sql - down to five minutes/qtr for an incentive program. 

Happy to meet and discuss...

7 - Meteor

@No-Sass I would like to chat with you during Inspire!  That sounds similar to my use case.  Maybe we can connect and chat during a lunch?

6 - Meteoroid

Hi jeniferpeden,


Yes, I've done commissions for telco in several European companies in Alteryx + one commissions in telco in Callidus before that.


I realise this post is couple of months old. Let me know if you still have some interest and want to talk about that.


5 - Atom

I am in the process of learning Alteryx to build a commissions compensation model so any info or ideas you have would be of great interest to me!


Thanks in advance for any guidance

7 - Meteor

Not sure your experience with Alteryx already, but learn the program by doing easy stuff first.  Find ways to save yourself 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there, to build in time for you to learn Alteryx and build your commission solution.  If you are a heavy Excel user, certainly dig into the articles on Alteryx Community about those topics.


Once you have a good Alteryx knowledge base, run your workflow(s) in parallel with your current process to work out bugs and errors for several cycles.


While your workflow should think about "today's problem" try to start building for the future - for a full 12 month cycle or quarter or whatever your business dictates.  Our current focus is to build a workflow that can easily be adjusted for year over year change.  (I say easy but maybe the more appropriate terminology would be minimal maintenance.)


I'm happy to answer further questions you might have and I'm eager to hear how your workflow(s) develops.