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Engagement Badge Task - Your best session of the day?

Community Manager
Community Manager




The Virtual Inspire is about to begin and we can't wait for it! The weekly challenges are just the beginning, and we wanted to challenge you even more! Want to play and win new fun badges? Are you ready guys?







Share your feedback below about the best session of the day. Which guru revealed new inspirations? What product development thrilled you? What big news got you excited? What training took you to the next level in data analysis?


Long story, short, what thrilled you? Share your best & favorite session with our community on this thread. 





As you complete this fun task, our Community Managers will be granting you the related badge. Remember! At the end of day 4, if you complete all three tasks, you will get the Engaged User Badge as a reward for going all the way!




Simple as that.



Happy sharing! Check out the Engagement Badge Challenge Post here for the full rundown on activities!



Steph Jansen-Havreng
11 - Bolide

My favourite was the Data Meaning ACE Server Trio: The Path to Growing Your Platform Effectively!

12 - Quasar

The mention of Designer cloud in the keynotes definitely had my attention!


My favorite session was Enterprise ETL in Alteryx: Building Stable and Flexible Data Pipelines. As a data engineer, I'm now bursting with great new ideas for running workflows sequentially and making components easy to modify and reuse 🤯

5 - Atom

I enjoyed Inspired Experiences - Humanity by the Numbers with Dr. Hannah Fry. It was a very informative session, and Dr. Fry was very engaging. Also, the intro with the DJ was highly entertaining. He definitely set the vibe.

7 - Meteor

I really enjoyed Getting Visual with Reporting led by Joe Miller. We usually pair Tableau with Alteryx for visualizations or various reporting, but it is great to see the latest internal options. Sometimes keeping internal is a good way to go. Thanks for the session!

5 - Atom

Getting visual with reporting as i have few use cases to implement 😎😎

8 - Asteroid

Just want to chime in the awesomeness of visual reporting as well. We are trying to implement some "Push" reporting at work and this is quite useful!

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

FEEEEEEEDBACK - no there was no feedback in the awesome DJ set that introduced the HUMANITY WITH NUMBERS session, it was really good and helped me introduce Alteryx conferencing to my daughter. 


It really did bring me back to being at INSPIRE, as there would be a live set playing before larger keynotes, so thank you for that.


The session with Dr Hannah Fry was a great one for me yesterday and I am looking forward to more today.



16 - Nebula
Inspired Experiences - Humanity by the Numbers - this is the one that sounds most interesting for me 🙂 

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Thanks @phottovy, even if you’re the only person that learnt something new, then this one bit of feedback makes it all worthwhile.


Enjoy the rest of the show 😄

Joe Lipski
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

My favourite session so far has been from @JNBeason titled: Where's Waldo 101, learning how to see waste in your processes


I loved the original and enjoyable idea for the talk and especially the clever that way Jamie connected two very different topics to explain how you can think about incorporating the eight types of wastage from Lean methodologies into your daily Alteryx work!

Joe Lipski