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Breakout Session - Run Alteryx Run: Using the Run Command to Automate Everything

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Hi everyone,


Thanks again to all who were able to attend our session, Run Alteryx Run: Using the Run Command to Automate Everything on Wednesday and Thursday this year at Inspire Nashville 2019. Per the discussion that has been going on over on the Session Presentations thread, a full recap of Inspire 2019 (including all breakout session materials) will be posted in the coming weeks in a common location.


However, since we've gotten a lot of great response to our session, we'd like to get you our materials as soon as possible. So, attached here you'll find the PowerPoint deck from our session. Additionally, regarding the potential Gallery posting of the Copy-File macro that was featured in our session, we're still awaiting company security's go-ahead to do so. If we're approved to post the macro, I'll reply to this thread to let you know that it's available.


--Brandon Skinner, 84.51°

Alteryx Partner

Thanks  @brandons this is awesome!