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List of Inspire Trainings that are Almost Sold Out

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Some sessions have already sold out!  The following training sessions have 20 seats or less left!

Updated: 5/23/17

Predictive Analytics with Alteryx and Udacity (Thursday 10:30 AM) SOLD OUT
Dynamic Optimized Workflows ( Thursday 8:00 AM) SOLD OUT
Designer 202: Apps (Monday Full Day) - 4 seats left  SOLD OUT
CREW Macros - Tools You Did Not Know Existed ( Monday 10:30 AM)  SOLD OUT
Designer 401: Advanced Analytics ( Monday Full Day) SOLD OUT
Dive into In-Database Workflows (Thursday 8:00 AM) SOLD OUT
Designer 201: Macros (Full Day) - SOLD OUT
Certification Exam Prep: Core (Monday 10:30 AM) - 2 seats left
20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



I see that seats are left for our session on CReW Macros.


  • Defensive Configuration
    • Ensure that all of the data fields expected are present in your data
    • Do your joins lose data
    • Do your joins duplicate or create more output than input data
  • What's new at CReW
  • How can you join the CReW

If these aren't reason enough to take the course, there are CReW giveaways (stickers) for all attendees.




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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

List is updated. Some of these session may not be available on Monday!!