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The importance of predictive modeling in higher ed

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I recently participated in a podcast, hosted by Bakertilly, called “Data-Driven strategies for recruitment, enrollment, and retention.” In it, we discussed the important roles data and multivariate predictive modeling play in higher ed. If you are interested, you can access the recording here. Some of the topics we covered were:

  • How higher education institutions can harness the power of data to overcome challenges
  • The importance of taking a multivariate approach to studying student behavior and what it takes to really understand the effect financial aid offers have on enrollment
  • The benefits of developing predictive models for each stage of the student lifecycle
  • How data helps schools target resources efficiently
  • Best practices in storing and saving admission, enrollment, and student financial data
  • Planning for shifting demographics and the future of higher ed

At HAI Analytics, we use the Alteryx platform to help colleges take ownership of the data analytics process so that they can create sustainable admission and financial aid strategies.