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Re-energizing the Transportation Users Group

9 - Comet

Hello there in Alteryx land!


I'd like to ping the community to see if there is a desire to re-energize the Transportation Users Group.  With the pandemic hopefully behind us, and Inspire 2022 soon approaching in Denver, I would like to see if interest exists to get together and share across the industry.




6 - Meteoroid

I would love to be involved as well. I come from more of a over the road logistics background so obviously would be more interested in that aspect. Does this only relate to air transportation?

10 - Fireball

Hi @Maxbfromsc ! Amazing! We include all types of transportation, air, freight, trucking, train, cruise, bus, etc!

10 - Fireball

For those attending Inspire in Denver, please connect with me on LinkedIn as I will look to coordinate a breakfast meetup on Thursday AM !