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High Value Use Cases for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

11 - Bolide

I came across this article recently regarding high value use cases for predictive analytics and was please to see that we are starting to touch on many of those at BCBSNC. One space that we are really focusing on are how social determinants of health are impacting our state, which has one of the highest populations of chronic diseased patients in the nation.


Are any of you using predictive analytics? If so do your use cases align with this list?



10 - Fireball

We have a machine learning solution that is in the space of Patient Use Patterns.  It analyzes which use patterns are typical for a specific type of injury, and notes the medical claims that are not part of one cycle of care, but instead are part of a different cycle of care.


There are SO MANY ways to use predictive analytics in this space.  

10 - Fireball

Thanks for starting this topic.

At my organization we are developing Epic's built in Predictive Analytics, and we are starting predictive efforts around or Supply Chain and other operations areas.

I hope to use Alteryx for this, but will also be using Python directly.



11 - Bolide

The great thing is that Alteryx is really maturing on the use of python with designer. I have done a few automatons recently where I have taken python developed by our data scientists and worked it into scheduled workflows to feed tableau dashboards.

13 - Pulsar

Predictive analytics best usecases I suppose are for tackling preventive healthcare actions;


  1. 23andme.com (a startup) and similar genetic tests provides a promising dimension
  2. Some new blood tests provide visibility on possibility of cancers 
  3. Right time to contact patients for screening let early detection.