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Fireside Chat - The Growth of Financial Regulation and what it means for you !

11 - Bolide

Join @KarenHays and myself for a series of 3 Fireside Chats about globalisation, and the Global movement towards more regulation that it is bringing.

It was great fun recording our conversation where we particularly focus on international tax regulation – not a traditional source of entertainment, perhaps !

However, everyone in the booming Financial Services sector should be paying attention - we are seeing a definite move towards more regulation, with punishment for incorrect reporting.

Every business faces challenges in acquiring, maintaining and repeatably producing accurate data about their clients, and you’ll be glad to hear that Alteryx plays a critical role for a growing number of international finance firms.


The first video is available below - enjoy, and look out for the next 2 in the series.





Dan Hare – Founder, Continuum

Dan Hare is Founder of Continuum, Alteryx UK Partner of the Year, and an evangelist and speaker helping business people use code-free platforms to automate the routine parts of their jobs.

Everyday business activities like Regulatory and financial reporting, Management Information, data quality remediation, migrations, reconciliations, HR reporting and data integration can be performed by the business rather than coders.

We are building a World-class team at Continuum to help clients use platforms such as Alteryx to deliver value and efficiency across any business sector, but particularly in Financial Services and Public Sector.



Karen Hays

Senior Marketing Manager – Financial Services, Alteryx

Karen Hays is Senior Marketing Manager responsible for developing and executing go-to-market strategies for the financial services vertical at Alteryx. Karen joined Alteryx in April of 2020 and brings over 20 years of financial services industry marketing across both technology and investment management companies.