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2023 Q4 Indianapolis Alteryx User Group - Recap

8 - Asteroid

I want to thank everyone who attended the Q4 Indianapolis Alteryx User Group meeting this past Friday.  This was our first meeting in person since 2020 and it was great to see everyone.  I really enjoyed meeting many of our user group members for the first time and catching up with some of our long time members that I have not seen in person in years.  I had several individuals tell me they really enjoyed being back together so hopefully we can keep this up and do it again next quarter.  The facility we used this time was a rental which eats into our budget for these meeting so we are always looking for volunteers to host the meeting.  If you would be able to host a future meeting please reach out to one of the user group leaders on the Community to let us know. 

2023 Q4 Meeting Pic 1.jpg

To start our Q4 meeting we went around the room and had everyone introduce themselves.  There were many new faces in the room which was great to see.  We had Alteryx users representing Allegion, MedPro, IU, Openlane, Miso Energy, and CNO present (sorry if I forgot anyone).  We even had former Indianapolis user group leader and current Alteryx employee @jarrod in attendance.


After introducing ourselves we dove into a "get to know each other" Bingo game.  The Bingo cards that @Kenda assembled required everyone to mingle with one another to learn about their Alteryx experience and cross off squares on the bingo card.  Things like learning another persons Community user name or finding someone that had completed an Alteryx certification got you one step closer to Bingo.  Congrats to @tsand22 who was our 1st winner and @vbrown who was our 2nd winner.  Thanks also to Alteryx for providing some cool swag which included Alteryx branded wireless speaker and headphones as prizes. 

2023 Q4 Meeting Pic 2.jpg

The middle portion of our meeting was used to do a deep dive into some of the prep tools.  @Kenda shared the differences between the Unique tool and the Only Unique Crew Macro.  @patrick_digan prepared a presentation on the Multi-Row Formula and his own Macro called the Multi-Row -Field -Column Formula.  For more info on the "Multi" tools you can read this article he wrote  Finally, @Desmond did a deep dive into the options menu in the Select tool and the many overlooked features that are available within it.  


The last portion of the meeting was used to share some Alteryx tips and tricks.  Each of the User Group Leaders prepared five or six tips and tricks that were shared with the group.  There was a lot of great info in these tips so I encourage you to dig into the attached workflows if you are interested. 


After the meeting was over there were a number of individuals that hung around and talked Alteryx and got to know one another better.  This was great and is part of the User Group experience that is tough to replicate when we do these virtually.  Overall, I think everyone enjoyed the experience and probably learned a thing or two they can apply in the future.  I hope to see some more new faces at our next meeting and that you all have a wonderful holiday season!     


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Find the CReW macros here to download: