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Indianapolis, IN

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2023 Q2 Indianapolis Alteryx User Group Recap

8 - Asteroid

Thank you to everyone who attended and got involved in the discussions during our second meeting of the year.  


For anyone that was not able to attend, here are the items that were discussed:

  • @Kenda presented on the Alteryx Certification process 
    • Designer Desktop Certification path includes Micro-Credentials as well as the Core, Advanced and Expert Certifications.  
    • Discussed exam resources: prep guides and video, practice exam, tool masteries, learning paths, interactive lessons and weekly challenges.   
    • Reviewed some practice questions
    • Lexi Westendorf from MedPro Group shared how she was able to go from Alteryx Designer newbie to Core Certified in one week!  She shared her approach and the resources she used throughout the process.  Really Impressive!!! 


  • @patrick_digan presented on Alteryx Calgary Files
    • Provided a quick demo of API that was used to download the data for the presentation.  This was a great bonus tip and showed how simple this process can be. 
    • How to write Calgary files (.cydb) and comparison to Alteryx database (.yxdb)
    • Pros and cons of Calgary files
    • How to read in and filter Calgary files. 


  • Finally, Kenda walked us through Alteryx Community Updates.
    • The Community has been rebranded to the Maveryx Community
    • 2023.1 has been released.  Highlights of the release are control containers and dark mode beta. 
    • Overview of some blogs recently posted on the Community.
    • Tip of the Day - Undo/Redo Stack
    • Alteryx enhancements that you may consider giving a thumbs up on.  There are a lot of great ideas here and some were posted by Kenda so please support the ones you would like to see in future updates. 

Here is the recording: