5 - Atom

Hey everybody. My name is Tito. I work for HealthTrust, which is HCA's group purchasing organization. We're located in Nashville, TN. I currently use Alteryx to automate processes for reporting. I also use Alteryx to build datasets behind Tableau dashboards, which I also build. I've been using Alteryx for just over a year and would like to continue to learn and grow with it, but I don't have any specifics about what I'd like to learn more about. I'm pretty open to it all and will just pull those things into my new workflows for better functionality. I usually spend my weekends with family (parents and siblings' families), since we're all in the Nashville area. In Nashville, there's always something to do, even for the people who aren't tourists.



8 - Asteroid

Great to have you on board Tito!  I was in Nashville about this time last year.  My trip was too short to see anything fun.  I'd love to go back and hit up some of the country bars.


All the best,


~ Nathan

5 - Atom

I'm currently working a project that interfaces with Salesforce to try to rebuild a custom report from Salesforce. My problem is that I don't know all of the relationships between tables (especially those with multiple relationships) and am not sure that I even have all of the tables I need. I would like to see the SOQL behind the SF report, but I don't know if that's possible. Anybody else working with SF?



10 - Fireball

I've done my first SalesForce data connection to our first SalesForce project. 

When I made the connection using the Alteryx connector I can see ALL our SalesForce tables - the issue is the naming of the tables which is not what I expected.  But I got the person who built the SalesForce side to explain the naming convention, and then I've succeeded in pulling data specific to what I needed.