HL7 Parsing Using Alteryx?

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Someone within my organization is wondering if HL7 can be parsed with Alteryx. Has anyone used Alteryx to perform the parsing or have any third party vendor software recommendations? 



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Full disclosure, I am very new to Alteryx but think I have an answer for you.


I know of two Alteryx tools (XML Parse & RegEx) that you should be able to use in a workflow to parse an HL7 files. The RegEx tool was introduced to me at Inspire18 by another conference attendee. I am super excited to learn more about it. In addition to the aforementioned options, I’ve used an open source software named (@mods, please remove this if discussing non partner tools is against the guidelines) Mirth Connect to parse, transform, and transmit: GPG encrypted CSV, HL7, 837, and ADT files. You may be able to use it for your coworker’s request by creating a channel and writing the output to a file. For this reply, I am going to focus on the Alteryx tools. Please use Google to locate more details about Mirth Connect.


The XML Parse Tool is also found in the Parse Tool Palette. First, you will need to find a way to convert the HL7 file to XML. Next, add XML Parse to your workflow, configure the options, and read in the “chunk of XML” to parse and locate the desired discrete fields.


The RegEx (short for regular expression) Tool is found in the Parse Tool Palette. To use it correctly, you will need to learn regular expression syntax and the HL7 standards to create the search patterns. Once completed, you should be able to parse the file to locate the desired HL7 segments by “Segment ID” and extract the data from the elements within.


I hope this information will help you in some way.

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