Greensboro, NC

Late February or early March meeting?

10 - Fireball

Happy New Year!  Sorry that I'm 40 days late.


Anyone interested in meeting?


We are happy to host again, but we need help with the agenda and the date.  Or, if one of you would like to be the host we are happy to come to you.


Please chime in.


Thanks for being involved.

6 - Meteoroid
Hi Andy,

I'd enjoy getting together again, for sure. Since I'm in the Charlotte area I don't know that it makes sense for me to host. But, I'd be happy to help with the meeting. I'm not sure if it would be helpful, but I'm fine with showing a couple of Alteryx workflows and having the group "beat them up" (so to speak). It could lead to tool usage conversations, sharing of ideas, etc. If you want to do this, I could share a big, complicated (for me) workflow as well as a unique one (connecting SAP or BW to - it may be fun for folks to discuss / share / learn.

Just a thought.

I hope you're doing great.

Take care,
John McClelland
Apex Tool Group
10 - Fireball

I think that would be great since so many people use SAP and Salesforce.


Maybe someone in Winston-Salem or Salisbury could host to split the distance.

8 - Asteroid

What day of the week do you typically meet?  I work in Roanoke M-F, so if you do something Saturday or Sunday I'd like to come...but I know weekends aren't great for most people, so don't feel obliged.

10 - Fireball

I'm open to a Saturday meeting.  I usually work a bit on Saturdays anyway.