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Datasets and Workflows Available in the Download Portal


Hi SparkED Educators,


If you are looking for sample datasets and accompanying workflows, a great place to start is with the Alteryx Starter Kits available in the downloads portal!


You can access these Starter Kits via Community.  While logged into your Community account, go to the Support tab in the main ribbon and select Downloads & Licenses from the drop down menu.  In the page that appears, scroll to the bottom of the Product Downloads and select Starter Kits.  From there you can download more than a dozen Starter Kits.  Each starter kit comes with a series of workflows and accompanying datasets.  There are Starter Kits on the office of finance, customer analytics, the public sector, human resources, and many more!


Once downloaded, your starter kits are available within your desktop Designer.  Access them by going to the Help tab above the tool palettes in Designer and selecting Sample Workflows from the drop down menu.  Your starter kits will be available within the menu that appears.


We are working on adding more workflows and datasets to this space in the future, but accessing the Starter Kits is a great place to start!


Let us know, what are your favorite Starter Kits?