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Weekly Exercise Dublin #2

8 - Asteroid

Hello everyone,


Time for our second exercise, this time we'll be doing some data cleansing:


There is a series of data cleansing processes we need to do on our data. Please solve each per the instructions.


  1. Vehicle Unit Number: Remove leading zeroes
  2. Entity: This is a 4 digit numerical code. Trim leading zeroes and/or descriptive text at the end
  3. Peoplesoft ID of Assigned Driver: If this ends with SD, remove the SD
  4. Location Code: If more than 8 chars, remove anything after 8. If only 6, add “US” to the front
  5. SBU Code: This is a 5 digit code. If the description appears instead of the code, change back to its code

Same as last week, post your solutions when you are done (but don't look at them before trying!) and I'll post the Alteryx solution next week.



7 - Meteor

Hi Carlos,


This is a great idea. Attached my solution.



8 - Asteroid

Great solutions Ollie, again, I'm glad to see different approaches being taken.


Again, I wanted Alteryx to do all the work for me and took a 'smart' approach, for example, when trimming the leading zeroes from the numbers, I changed their type from string to ints and that took care of it for me.


I've attached my solution to this post and will post the official Alteryx Solution later

8 - Asteroid

Hi all,


Here is the solution proposed by Alteryx. What do you think? Did you approach the problem in a different way? Did you have any difficulties?