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Support of 2 Step Authentication in Download Tool

6 - Meteoroid

Does Download tool support 2 step authentication? 

Step 1: Log into a website using credentials to get session ID

Step 2: Extract data with session ID


Is it possible to do this in Alteryx? If download tool doesn't work, what is the best approach?




14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hey Terry! 


Depending on the authentication protocol being used by the service you are working with, you could do something like this: 


Text Input (w/credentials) 

Download Tool - call an endpoint that allows you to get an auth token

Download Tool (again) - use the token that was returned by the 1st Download Tool to make an API call


I have done this plenty of times in big macros or workflows, I usually have one download tool calling an authentication service and then feed that token to 1 or many other download tools in the same workflow!




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5 - Atom

Hi. Would you please share an example workflow.