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Silent Python Error in Error Log: 0xC0000005 WindowsErrorCode: 487

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we noticed that the alteryx error log (C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\ErrorLogs) is being spammed with errors even though Alteryx does not raise any errors in the Designer. The error occurs on larger files when it includes a python tool and the metadata is refreshed, e.g. when a new connection is added.

I attached an example log file

The creation of a log file seems to correlate with annoying lags in the designer. Also, it fills the PC's memory, since logs are never deleted.

Error Codes:
* 0xC0000005 Memory Access Violation
* 487 Attempt to access invalid address.

My assumption is that it may be a windows configuration error, a alteryx-minicoda configuration error, a bug in the AlteryxEngineCmd.exe or something in the python-implementation.

Any Ideas?

Thanks Michael


Hi Michael,


Thank you for your detailed analysis of this issue and for bringing it to our attention.  In looking at the sample error log trace, you attached, I have a couple of questions.


The trace shows that it was trying to establish proxy configuration:




Is this always the case in other example error log traces?  Or is is just in this example?

Also, if you do 10 runs of this workflow, how many fail (i.e. what is the fail rate)?




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Hi William,


the proxy-configuration seem to appear in every log. Though, the error log is not written when running the wf but when changing something in it, i.e. when metadata is updated.


Kind regards



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Hi there did you get a fix for this?