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Run Alteryx App from website

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I have a workflow app with three questions ( Text Box ). I want the user to enter the values for these three questions in a website in order to output a file .xlsx. So I am searching about source code for embedding and running Alteryx Analytic Apps.

Is there any way to run the workflow from Javascript and API ?

in other words, the user needs to navigate in chrome to the website and click on the button then the Alteryx App will run.


I'll be grateful if you could advise on this matter.


Hi @Sabrina_Bakir 


In order to put your analytical app into production, you will require an Alteryx Server instance for automation:


Alteryx Server allows you to deploy workflows to end-users without them requiring a Designer instance locally. These can be interacted with through the Gallery instance, or you can use the underlying Alteryx Server API to embed workflows into external program interfaces. 


You can see examples of these on our Public Server Gallery: or learn more about the API here:


David Thorpe

Sales Engineering