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Macro Interface Control Question Text cannot show Ampersand

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I'm trying to show an example of text for the user of an Interface 'Text Box' to copy when filling out their responses. The example is similar to "&SYMBOLIC=VALUE". However, when this text is included in the "Enter the text or question to be displayed:" field on the Configuration panel, the ampersand is dropped.


I've tried using & and & instead, but the ampersand is also dropped from these strings. Can someone explain what is happening and let us know if there exists a way to include this char in the text string somehow?

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XML considers the & an escape character.  I found that if I do two in a row (i.e. &&) it'll render the 2nd one.

11 - Bolide

Thanks @StephenW! I tried my other HTML tricks, but not that one! The two ampersands does the trick.