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How to get the user selected dropdown widget value in Python script of Alteryx Python SDK?

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Dear community members,


I am using a Drop down widget for the user to select a list of values. Here is my HTML code snippet  for the same:

				<div class="leftCon">
					<label>XMSG("Select Hashing algorithm")</label>
						data-ui-props = "{type: 'DropDown', widgetId: 'HashAlgos'}"
						data-item-props = "{dataName: 'HashingField'}"

Further I defined the label and values down below in the script and binded the widget.

<script type="text/javascript">                     
			Alteryx.Gui.BeforeLoad = (manager, AlteryxDataItems, json) => {
			// Drop Down for selecting Hashing algorithm
			var stringSelector = new AlteryxDataItems.StringSelector("HashingField", {
				optionList: [
					{label: "MD5", value: "md5"},
					{label: "SHA1", value: "sha1"},
					//{label: "CRC32", value: "crc32"},
					{label: "SHA256", value: "sha256"},
					{label: "SHA512", value: "sha512"}
			manager.bindDataItemToWidget(stringSelector, "HashAlgos")
			Alteryx.Gui.AfterLoad = (manager) => {

In AyxPlugin class,

class AyxPlugin:
    def __init__(self, n_tool_id: int, alteryx_engine: object, output_anchor_mgr: object):
        # Default properties
        self.n_tool_id: int = n_tool_id
        self.alteryx_engine: Sdk.AlteryxEngine = alteryx_engine
        self.output_anchor_mgr: Sdk.OutputAnchorManager = output_anchor_mgr
        self.label = "Encoded Signature Generator Tool (" + str(n_tool_id) + ")"

        # Custom properties
        self.HashingField: str = ''
        self.Output: Sdk.OutputAnchor = None

    def pi_init(self, str_xml: str):
        xml_parser = Et.fromstring(str_xml)
        self.HashingField = xml_parser.find('HashingField').text if 'HashingField' in str_xml else ''
        if self.HashingField == '':
            self.display_error_msg('Key and Secret or Hashing algorithm or both parameters were not provided.')
        # Getting the output anchor from Config.xml by the output connection name
        self.Output = self.output_anchor_mgr.get_output_anchor('Output')

In Incoming Interface class:

class IncomingInterface:
    def __init__(self, parent: AyxPlugin):
        # Default properties
        self.parent: AyxPlugin = parent

        # Custom properties
        self.InInfo: Sdk.RecordInfo = None
        self.HField: Sdk.Field = None
        self.OutInfo: Sdk.RecordInfo = None
        self.SignatureField: Sdk.Field = None
        self.Creator: Sdk.RecordCreator = None
        self.Copier: Sdk.RecordCopier = None

    def ii_init(self, record_info_in: Sdk.RecordInfo) -> bool:
        self.InInfo = record_info_in
        self.HField = self.InInfo.get_field_by_name(self.parent.HashingField)
        self.OutInfo = self.InInfo.clone()
        self.SignatureField = self.OutInfo.add_field('Signature', Sdk.FieldType.string, size=1000, source=self.parent.label)
        self.Creator = self.OutInfo.construct_record_creator()
        self.Copier = Sdk.RecordCopier(self.OutInfo, self.InInfo)

        index = 0
        while index < self.InInfo.num_fields:
            self.Copier.add(index, index)
            index += 1
        return True

    def ii_push_record(self, in_record: Sdk.RecordRef) -> bool:
        Hash = self.HField.get_as_string(in_record)
        Signature = Hash

        self.SignatureField.set_from_string(self.Creator, Signature)
        self.Copier.copy(self.Creator, in_record)
        out_record = self.Creator.finalize_record()
        return True

I do not get the values of 'Hash' as selected by the user from the drop down. Can anyone point to me what mistake I am doing? I would really appreciate if someone can correct me. I want the value of Hash = value selected by the user from the dropdown list.

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11 - Bolide

Hi @amitupadhyay, I created a quick mock-up using your code snippets and I was able to retrieve the value of the drop-down. What do you get if you are not getting the hash values? What is the XML string being sent to the Python code?


In my code I'm sending a message to the engine with the XML received and the value of HashingField. I got both values as expected:

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 4.40.17 PM.png

8 - Asteroid

Thank you for responding. I was getting the hash values as Field Names. However, I solved the problem. In the incoming interface where I have declared a separate field for hashing algorithm value was a wrong step. Instead, I called the hashing value from the Alteryx Plugin class as parent.HashingField and it worked.