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Encryption Custom tool - which method to use - NET/Python

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I have a specific use case where I have to design a pair of custom tools for encryption/decryption of file using AES 256 bit cryptographic method. Upon my research I have come across the two possible scenarios of either using the NET API or the Python SDK to build the connectors.


As I am not well versed in NET, I want to ask, which method out of the two will deliver the best performance and security measure. For example if I use Python then how best can I protect the code from prying eyes as it will have sensitive data. Same goes for the DLL files generated for the NET API


And if there is a third player eligible for this like C++/ R tool, I would like to hear your opinion on that as well


Thanks and Have a great day

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey @fardeen9983 ! 


I would advise not leveraging the .NET capabilities since they will be deprecated at the end of the year.


@CassC  any thoughts on the Python part of this?