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Download Tool credentials


Hey everyone, I have been using the download tool to connect to some folders I need to parse and get the folder structure from. I have been using the username and password for our Sharepoint on premise (I am at work and therefore connected to the network). 


However I am now trying to do this through Javascript and have found the Config.Configuration files to push data to.


On premise does not use oauth, so I was curious how the download tool uses my credentials to connect to our on premise 2013 sharepoint. I would like to mimic this for the javascript tool so I can use javascript for further analysis. 






Hello @joejoe317 ,

Thanks for reaching out to the Community! I see your post still has not had any responses from the Community. Could you please provide some additional information?

If possible, please provide a copy of your workflow and some sample data so that others can try to re-create these issues.




Community Moderator

I'm not sure how I can upload an example given it's something I am asking in order to build something. 


A different way of explanation is this:


I can connect to sharepoint using rest api using the download tool. 


The download tool is able to get an authentication token from sharepoint somehow, this is what I need.


What I am trying to do was use CAML which I can't figure out how to do in the download tool, but I can in javascript.


So what I did was use the javascript tool with an ajax call to the sharepoint site, but unfortunately it needs the authentication token in order to approve this.


I was able to use python to accomplish this, unfortunately we are on 2018.1 right now and I have to make a tool specifically for this.


In general, in the future I want to use javascript (not specifically for this project), so I wanted to figure out if there was something I could include in order to get this auth token so I can pass it in the headers in my ajax call so I can get access.




p.s. It may be a moot point, we are updating to 2019.1 tonight, so I might be able to just use the built in python tools and include a few libraries in order to get the auth token, but perhaps not. It would be nice if I could just do it natively through the download tool.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @joejoe317 


If you need an auth token first, I would use one download tool to make a call to obtain it, and then you can pass that information to a second download tool to obtain your actual data. 


If you're curious on how the Download Tool works, you should read this articles -


The problem is the token is generated in the download tool, so I don't need to run the download tool twice, just once, so as far as I know I cannot obtain the token from this. When I use the javascript tool or python I do. Our company has since upgraded to 2019.1 so we can now use this to get the information.