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C# to Alteryx API Assistance




I am submitting this on behalf of a colleague who is developing a C# application. The scope of the project involves using C# to collect user inputs through a GUI, parse these into Alteryx, trigger a batch workflow, return all data to C# for post processing, visualisation and use in other parts of the C# application.

I have seen several examples of using the API to run workflows hosted on a server, using Excel and otherwise. However, we are wondering if this process can be done locally on the PC. I.e. the .yxmc/.yxmd files reside on the hard drive the C# application is run from.


Below is the information provided to me by my colleague:

I am new to Alteryx and C# and am trying to figure out how to trigger a workflow from C#. Overall, the goal is to receive two user inputs (both DateTime fields on a C# GUI) and push the values to Alteryx. After the dates have been pushed, Alteryx is to be triggered and start a workflow and then output the results (which I have successfully achieved).

The issue I am having is with the connection between C# and Alteryx to trigger the workflow. I have tried the C# sendKeys function to send ctrl+r which is a shortcut to run a workflow on Alteryx. The dates are successfully passed to the Alteryx file which was done by calling the Alteryx workflow file as an xml file, finding the element/node where the date is to be stored and saving the value there.

Your direction would be very much appreciated.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The likely issue is that in order to trigger an Alteryx workflow to run via
a script you must have either a scheduler or server license.

You will not be able to schedule a workflow via any means without a
scheduler license.


Hi Ben,

Thank you for the prompt reply and apologies for my delayed respose.

We believe this is the case and we are therefore looking to host it on the company gallery.

I will update this task when we have a solution,