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C# (.NET) SDK Deprecation Announcement

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello #AlteryxAddicts,

The C# (.NET) SDK will be deprecated in December 2021. Users currently leveraging the C# SDK for custom tools will need to convert their tools to a different backend (C++, Python, or macro) ahead of its deprecation. As part of this, the UI of the tool will also need to be reconfigured using the HTML GUI SDK, or macro if using a macro.


More information regarding the deprecation can be found here.


7/2 Update: changed date to December 2021.


Contact bearly@alteryx.com

Alter Everything!

8 - Asteroid

@BlytheE Hello. December 2021 is the date of depreciation in the original post. Is there a new date or are you keeping the original?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@32bit Yes, December 2021 is still the timeline for the .NET SDK deprecation