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Looking for an Alteryx Contractor

6 - Meteoroid

CCG is looking to hire a part-time Alteryx contractor to build and implement workflows for direct mail campaigns and post-campaign analysis. Averages 5-8 hours per week. If you’d like to learn more about CCG, please visit www.customer.com

8 - Asteroid

Hi Sandra - sent you a DM

Hi Sandra,


Thanks for your message.


Can you tell me a little more about the position? for example: What is the technology platform? Cloud or full stack? Will the client make available a computer and an Alteryx license for the work? What industry is the client? Is this a new requirement or has somebody performed this work in the past? Working as part of a team or working alone?


Can this work be done as 1099 / corp-to-corp? Or is it w-2 employee?


What is the hourly rate range?


Thanks again!





6 - Meteoroid
Hi Mendi,
The work involves creating workflows and then implementing them for mailing lists and post campaign analysis. Are two main industry verticals are retail in financial services. All the work would be done by VPN using our Alteryx license. And yes, it is a 1099 contract position. The work is part of a team, however the contractor would be solely responsible for Alteryx workflows and implementation.  The hourly rate is negotiable based on experience/credentials.
I hope that answers your questions? Happy to hop on the phone to discuss more if you like.